How to buy cheaper laptops with high potential

Cheap and high quality laptop

Some may say you are kidding, how do I buy a cheap laptop with high specifications, I do not have enough money to buy a laptop, but I may buy whatever kind of thing I do not care.

Well, I’ll tell you a crazy secret that you can buy the best laptop at a cheap price and I’ll guarantee you will use it for a long time. Through my experience in computer and laptop maintenance I discovered many things that aroused my attention

I will tell you the strange secret in those devices. Any laptop device depends on two basic things: processor and RAM. I think the I3 processor will do the job perfectly. Where it runs all the heavy computer programs that do not require a graphics card, I say all programs and I guarantee you that without problems. As for ram, do not care when you buy the laptop, where you can increase the Ram whenever you want by buying a pieceĀ From anywhere and are widely available. Finally, I advise you to buy a small fan placed under the laptop to avoid the heat of the processor and thus the problem ends.


greetings to you all



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